What goes into creating the perfect piece of content?

Creating content is about much more than just simply stringing a bunch of words together, it is about carefully choosing words that evoke a reader’s interest and adds something of value to their day while achieving the goal that the piece was intended for. Content can be created for a variety of reasons but, in general, it boils down to generating traffic and monetary revenue. Balancing the requirements of SEO with the need to create high-quality content can be tricky and that’s why just stringing words together is not an option for quality content.

The content creation process starts with a concept- this can be a single word, phrase or idea. From this starting point the idea is developed into a framework that sets out the basics such as the title, headings and paragraph structure of the article. This framework is one of the most important steps in the content creation process because it lays the groundwork for the article. Seasoned writers can often spend much more time on the preparation of an article than they do on actually writing the article. There is a good reason for this: excellent preparation and groundwork is the key to success.

Good writing is always factual writing- inventing facts as you go will only lead to bad SEO rankings and a loss of readership. The next step in the content creation process is to do your research. This step takes a significant amount of time, but it is essential to not fall into the trap of skimping on research because it will show in the end-product. The exact amount is dependent on the topic, for example, academic writing requires much more research time than writing designed purely for entertainment.  

With the wireframe (planning) complete and the research done, you can now finally get around to actually writing the piece. This part of the process is where the fun starts! A great writer can use their linguistic skills to inspire, awake the imagination and persuade the reader to take action. Whether you are creating a product review or an insightful piece on a tricky subject, knowing your reader/audience is the key to choosing the right words.

Writing is much like a river, there are creative ebbs and flows. At times the words for the perfect guest post comes naturally and smoothly, but there are also times when the word-river can get a bit stuck and creating the right post may take a bit longer. Don’t get discouraged when this happens as it is perfectly natural for even the best writers to get a bit stuck at times. Luckily, the river soon flows again, and inspiration strikes.

This may sound like a daunting challenge but if you follow these simple steps your writing will become noticeably better and, in time, you will be able to charge more for your time.

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