The Power Of Great Content

I am often asked to describe my job to people.

That bit’s easy. I can wax lyrical about the process, discuss the nuances at length, and speak with enthusiasm about how much I love what I do. But surprisingly, until recently, I could never seem to settle on a title for my role.

Copywriter? Maybe. That seems to be the term that is most commonly associated with my role. It usually leads to an ‘Oh!’ of comprehension, but that doesn’t really fit. Copywriters traditionally write copy for advertisements or publicity releases, and I do more than that.

Author? Maybe. It’s certainly how my job is described by freelancing sites. But that’s a term more commonly associated with hardbacks and bestseller lists; while there are many who write with that in mind, it’s never been my goal.

With the exponential growth in our online engagement expectations, however, I’ve finally found my perfect pitch: I’m a content creator and I specialise in the written word, designed to deliver a specific message.

From blog posts to think-pieces, landing pages to long-form articles, I create the content that your business needs to be seen.

But the web is a busy marketplace, with millions of snippets jockeying for position, and leading the pack takes more than just a keyboard. Did you know, for example, that the average visitor takes less than 15 seconds to decide if they want to stay on your page?

That’s not a lot of time to impress, which is why good content is vital. My job is to create great content that makes people want to spend time on your website, purchase your products or use your services.

If you are looking for great content, get in touch and experience the power of great content for yourself.

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